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First Independent - Descamps Insurance Agency Blog: auto insurance

View the latest blog posts from First Independent - Descamps Insurance Agency.

Trading in a car to buy another vehicle seems like an attractive option for many people. Instead of coming up with a large down payment, trades can usually offset the balance of their new car. Dealerships base the trade cost on the value of their old car. But, don't act without thoroughly considering the costs of trades. READ MORE >>

Do you think you do not need auto insurance? Many people hate making that payment because it seems like so much money that is being spent on something you do not use. Yet it provides a wide range of financial protection to you. In many cases, the type and amount of auto insurance you purchase can make a big difference in protecting you from accidents that are unavoidable. READ MORE >>

Winter weather throws many challenges at drivers, including freezing temperatures, wind and snow. But one of the most treacherous conditions to drive in is freezing rain. This weather phenomenon can occur into the spring, long after you think winter has passed, so it's wise to know more about freezing rain. READ MORE >>

As a Millennial, you are in a power position when it comes to getting the best rates from insurance providers. Insurance companies know that people tend to be loyal to brands, so acquiring you as a customer early is beneficial. Unfortunately, young adults are known for driving recklessly, which can drive the costs of auto insurance up for Millennials. READ MORE >>

If you have little or no experience driving in the snow, don't wait until it's too late to prepare for the worst. Snow driving techniques differ from those used in clear, rainy or icy conditions. If possible, practice with someone with experience. READ MORE >>

You may feel like your auto insurance policy is written in another language, due to some unfamiliar words and abbreviations. One item that may be listed is "Comprehensive" — or "Comp" for short. While you've probably heard the term before, you may not know what it covers. What is Comprehensive Coverage? READ MORE >>

Just because your car’s life on the road has come to an end doesn’t mean that it’s no longer valuable. Many components within old cars can still be recycled or reused within the automotive industry, along with several others such as décor or furniture. What car parts are recyclable? READ MORE >>

As an independent agent, we write with many different carriers ensuring you the best coverage at the best rates. We work for you, not the insurance company. Auto Insurance Michigan law requires no-fault insurance. READ MORE >>

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