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First Independent - Descamps Insurance Agency Blog

View the latest blog posts from First Independent - Descamps Insurance Agency.

Keeping your auto insurance costs down is important. But more often than not, you're going to be better off keeping your driving record clean rather than by skimping on coverage. Cost is important when shopping for car insurance. READ MORE >>

Pets are one of the highlights of life, bringing joy and comfort to all animal lovers. But pets are also a big responsibility, and there is a lot that can happen to an animal. They’re living beings just like humans with organs, immune systems and the ability to get sick. READ MORE >>

If you have a transportation-related business, then you need commercial auto insurance to cover your fleet of buses, trucks, vans, cars, or golf carts. However, other businesses that require vehicles may also be better protected with commercial auto insurance. READ MORE >>

If you’re shopping for home insurance, you might encounter a few unique options based upon your current living situation. A homeowners association, or HOA, residency is just one of these living situations. Not all HOAs feature multi-family buildings, and many (if not most) feature single-family homes. READ MORE >>

It’s almost time to renew your auto insurance policy. If you have a few minutes, take a look at a few tips that can help you to renew your coverage with confidence. You may even be able to find a few ways to reduce your overall costs. Before you renew, consider the following: Get a New Quote READ MORE >>

Pets are usually very durable, resourceful animals. However, pets get sick too, and while they often need very little help with recovery, more-serious situations might require intervention. All the same, veterinary care can get expensive, fast. Just your pet’s regular checkup might cost between $50 and $400, on average. READ MORE >>

Did you make a comment about another business’s product or service? Perhaps your sales associated did. Now you are facing a claim of reputation damage. What is it? Why does it matter to you? Most business insurance helps protect you from claims made against the company. READ MORE >>

Pets are beloved members of any family’s household. You want to keep yours with you, happy and healthy, throughout their life. You might even carry pet insurance on the animal in case it needs emergency care. However, what happens if your pet can no longer live in your home, and you need to look for a new place for it to stay? READ MORE >>

Are you planning to start shopping for a new car? If so, it may be time to choose a car that really fits your lifestyle and gives you a few extras to enjoy. Do not forget to consider auto insurance. You may be able to afford the payment on your new car, but are you able to cover the insurance costs, too? READ MORE >>

You have holes in your drywall. There are areas where it seems something chewed its way into your home. Or, your home’s wiring is not working properly due to some type of animal. It’s frustrating when this happens. Will home insurance help cover the damage a pest like this can cause? READ MORE >>

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